• Clone the repository or download the .zip file to the folder you want to work in; it is correct to name it 'mme'.
    • on MacOS, you can use this path: /Users/<user>/mme
    • on Windows, you can use this path: C:\Users\<user>\mme
  • You must keep the file structure inside the .zip file you download.
  • The image files to be processed must be located inside the 'images' folder, inside 'mme'.

System requirements

Python 3

Custom configuration

MME uses a JSON map to map the "Display Name" (CSV Column Header) <-> "Label Name", for each of the standards. The file must be located inside the 'data' directory, in a JSON file named 'maps.json'.
This file can be edited to add new tags.

Only the headers (first row of the spreadsheet) needs to be edited to fit the schema. This may involve splitting some columns to fit the schema, adding columns, and other edits. All of this is probably easier, faster and more accurate to do in a spreadsheet.

Repository files

Path Description
csv/ Suggested folder for hosting CSV files
csv/test.csv CSV test file for the first run and test
exiftool/ Exiftool executable
data/exiftool_configs/ Configuration files for ExifTool
data/notion_maps_txts/ Internal work folder -not mandatory-.
data/maps.json Relationship map between CSV headers and ExifTool tags
images/ Test files for first run and test
images/vrae_exiftool_example.tiff VRA Core sample file